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D & Q Saipan Co., Ltd


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About Us

D&Q was founded in April of 1985 as a California corporation, by Donald Dickerson and Robert Quinn. Both Dickerson and Quinn were executives with Connell Bros. Co., Ltd., (CBC) prior to the formation of Dickerson & Quinn.

As a result of changes in corporate objectives, CBC decided to divest itself of its San Francisco-based Food and Consumer Products Division, including the Guam Branch office, allowing Donald Dickerson and Robert Quinn the opportunity to assume control of the operation. The stock of D&Q is 100% owned and equally shared by Mr. Dickerson and Mr. Quinn.

Headquartered in Guam, the company focuses upon exports to Saipan, Micronesia and the major trading centers of the Pacific Rim. Operating with a committed staff of well-trained and motivated personnel in Guam and Saipan, D&Q is primed for continuous growth in the future.

In 1988, Timothy Kernaghan joined Dickerson & Quinn to manage the company's Guam operation. Under his leadership, the Guam office has moved from a predominately ''indent'' style of conducting business to a complex and integrated system involving warehousing, merchandising, and marketing activities. It was not merely coincidental that the company's most significant growth has occurred during this transformation.